LMKHII Classic – Episode #79 – Happy 80th, Captain America

While we are on hiatus for a bit, enjoy this episode from our archives.

“During World War II, comic readers saw many characters address the conflict on the world stage head on. Creators on characters like Superman and Batman pivoted creatively to deal with the war effort in addition to other characters of The Golden Age, including a whole slew of new characters. Among these brand new creations, none was more successful than Captain America. Interestingly, for a character anchored so much in the time period of his creation, Captain America’s popularity is one of the most enduring in all of comics. He is certainly one of Marvel’s most loved characters, and Chris Evans’ portrayal of the character in the MCU has only added to the character’s exposure. It’s been 80 years since his creation, and Captain America is still as relevant today as he was in the 1940s. For Cap’s 80th year, and just in time for the 4th of July, the panel will celebrate Captain America.

Also stay tuned to the closing segment for our look back at Captain America: The First Avenger as we approach the 10th anniversary of the film’s release.”

This episode was originally released July 7, 2021


Zack Slater
Frank Melman
Tommy Smithereens (on Twitter)
Clifton (on Twitter)

Produced by Zack Slater

Produced/Edited by Clifton (on Twitter)

Engineered by Mike BlueLion209

Music: Arpy – Dan Henig  
Support by RFM – NCM: https://bit.ly/2xGHypM

Episode Notes for Captain America Turns 80

Cover for Captain American #1 (March 1941)

Red Skull as he appeared in Captain America #1

Captain America’s final appearance of the Golden Age Captain America #73 (July 1949)

Captain America Lives Again in Avengers #4 (March 1963)

Cap’s Team Up with Wolverine and Black Widow from Uncanny X-Men #268

Captain America and The Incredible Hulk Team-Up

Captain America: Secret Empire Story Arc by Steve Englehart  and Illustrators Mike Friedrich & Sal Buscema (1973)

Captain America runs for President of the United States (October 1980)

Retelling of Captain America’s Origin by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby Captain America #109 (1968)

CBR looks back at Steranko’s Captain America run


Page from Captain America & Falcon fighting the Mad Bomb

Sam Wilson as Captain America in Rick Remender & Illustrator Stuart Immonen (2014)

Captain America as a Hydra Agent…

There were stories about Captain America’s turn prior

That time Cap turned into Werewolf Cap

Wolf-Cap revisited in Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuña’s run on Sam Wilson Captain America (2015)

Captain America from The Ultimates

Trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Motorcycle sequence from Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Grenade Scene from Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

New York as it Appears in 

Bucky picks up the Shield in  Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Bucky as Captain America

Sam Wilson as Captain America in the MCU

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