EXTRA – It’s Time for Animaniacs… Again

Animaniacs was a cartoon that debuted in the mid-1990s and is fondly remembered by fans to this day. So much so that Hulu saw an opportunity and in the Fall of 2020 the streaming service will debut its relaunch of the beloved animated series to fans young and old. With less than a month until the premiere, Hulu and Warner Bros. animation have released their first clip of the returning series and our panel gives their initial reactions. Animaniacs will premiere on Hulu November 20th, 2020.


Zack Slater
Frank Melman (on Twitter)
Tommy Smithereens (on Twitter)
Clifton (on Twitter)

Produced by Zack Slater

Produced/Edited by Clifton (on Twitter)

Engineered by Mike BlueLion209

Music: Arpy – Dan Henig  
Support by RFM – NCM: https://bit.ly/2xGHypM

Episode Notes for Animaniacs

Animaniacs – Jurassic Park Clip

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A look inside the Development process for Animaniacs (2020) : How The Creators Of Hulu’s ‘Animaniacs’ Reboot Subtly Updated The Look Of The Series

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  1. Bryan L.

    I just finished the first season. It was just how I’d remembered it. I like the new jokes. Pinky & The Brain is still entertainingly good with some more character development for both, which gave them more depth. I was hope to the other classic characters, but I hope to see them next season. This show is a must see.

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