Episode #88 – Spotlight: Jack Kirby – The King of Comics

The world of comic books has been home to many influential creators, and maybe the biggest of them all is none other than Jacob Kurtzberg aka Jack Kirby. Kirby worked as an artist, writer, and sometimes editor, where he developed a style and narrative structure that would define the medium. With a career in comics than spanned more than five decades, Kirby touched and excelled at just about every genre imaginable in the pages of comics: Sci-fi, Horror, Crime, Westerns, War, Romance, and especially Superheroes. Kirby’s impact can be felt now more than ever; responsible for the creation of virtually the entire Marvel Universe, Kirby’s work can been seen more and more translated to live action films and TV where it is reaching its biggest audience yet. Today the panel celebrates “The King of Comics,” Jack Kirby.



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Episode Notes for Jack Kirby

Jack “King” Kirby

Photograph of Jack Kirby

Superpowers: The Galactic Guardians Saturday Morning Cartoon and Kenner’s Superpowers Toy Line Heavily featured Characters from Kirby’s Fourth World / New Gods

Cover for DC Omnibus for The Loser

Mister Miracle and Big Barda

Kirby’s original drafts of Superman compared against the redrafts other artists would do on Superman for publishing.

Jack Kirby Tribute from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello Micro Series #1 

Artist Rendition of Kirby’s Spider-Man design based on Kirby’s notes

Spider-Man created by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko.  Cover for First Appearance of Spider-Man Amazing Fantasy #15 by Jack Kirby 

Kirby’s In The Days of the Mob Hardcover

Kirby inspired costumes in Thor: Ragnarok 

Kirby inspiration in Loki

Jack Kirby’s likeness was used for Inspector Dan Turpin in Superman: The Animated Series

Image of Dan Turpin from Superman the Animated Series showing the characters resemblance to real like Jack Kirby

Storyboard for unused pan for Superman: The Animated Series “Apokolips Now Pt. 2” Jack Kirby Tribute Sequence that originally wanted to include veiled renditions of Kirby’s notable Marvel creations along side Kirby’s widow Roz, Stan Lee, Mark Evanier, and crew members of Superman: The Animated Series 

Kirby Krakle (Kirby Dots)

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