Episode #62 – Superman: Family, Friends, and Foe

The world of Superheroes is made so much stronger by the supporting cast they host, and the world of Superman is no different. Appearing in literally thousands of stories across comic books, radio, TV, and film, Superman has been one of the most dominant pop culture properties since his creation in 1938. And yet, despite the iconic nature of the character, it’s hard to imagine what a Superman story would be without the people at the Daily Planet or without the villains that threaten the values of truth and justice that Superman defends and holds dear. The panel will examine some key characters from the Superman mythos: Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Jimmy Olson, and the Kents and decide, who is most important to the world of Superman.  


Zack Slater
Frank Melman (on Twitter)
Tommy Smithereens (on Twitter)
Clifton (on Twitter)

Produced by Zack Slater

Produced/Edited by Clifton (on Twitter)

Engineered by Mike BlueLion209

Music: Arpy – Dan Henig  
Support by RFM – NCM: https://bit.ly/2xGHypM

Episode Notes for Superman Family, Friends, and Foe

Justice League Elseworlds tale The Nail by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer

Pa Kent: “You are my son” from Man of Steel 

Ma Kent: “You don’t owe this world a thing” from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

“…On my World it means hope.” from Man of Steel

Kryptonian Birthing Matrix from John Bryne’s Man of Steel

Superman: Kryptonite by Darwyn Cooke & Tim Sale

Lex Luthor’s Origin from Superfriends 

“You could have saved the world years ago if it mattered to you, Luthor” from All Star Superman by Grant Morrison & Frank Quietly

Fantastic Four 1234 by Grant Morrison & Jae Lee

Lois Lane covers The Korean War in New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke

Superman, Lois Lane, Frankenstein & the Bride of Frankenstien

Lois Lane / Batman team up from Event Leviathan by Brian Michael Benis & Alex Maleev

Lois Lane 12 Issue Maxi-Series by Greg Ruka & Mike Perkinis

A compilation of The Amazing Transformations of Jimmy Olsen throughout publication history

Jimmy Olsen’s Signal Watch

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #79: “The Red-Headed Beatle of 1,000 B.C.!”

Jimmy Olsen One Shot (2011) by Nick Spencer, RB Silva, & DYM 

Who Killed Jimmy Olsen? (2019) by Matt Fraction, Steve Lieber, & Nathan Fairbairn

The photograph of the incident that breaks Jimmy Stewart’s leg in Rear Window 

Krypto and Superman play fetch in All Star Superman

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