169 – A Brief History of the Multiverse

Embark on a journey through the cosmic realms as our very own Professor of Superheroics, the venerable Frank Melman, unravels the captivating history and evolution of the Multiverse concept! We follow the Multiverse’s journey from its early roots in theoretical physics to its metamorphosis into a storytelling staple within the realms of science fiction and superheroes. We share some of our favorite stories from other earths. And we ponder this question: Are there too many multiverses in movies, TV, and media today?


Zack Slater
Frank Melman

Produced by Zack Slater

Produced/Edited by Clifton

Engineered by Mike BlueLion209

Music: Arpy – Dan Henig  
Support by RFM – NCM: https://bit.ly/2xGHypM

Episode Notes for A Brief History of the Multiverse

The Flash #123 – “Flash of Two Worlds”

Wonder Woman #59

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths (Arrowverse)

What If Spider-Man Joined the Fantastic Four?

What If Daredevil Killed The Kingpin?

What If The Hulk Killed Wolverine?

One Reply to “169 – A Brief History of the Multiverse”

  1. Bryan L.

    Very cool episode. I felt that you’ve missed one other person that has dealt with the multiverse multiple times is Doctor Who. There have been several episodes where he/she seen themselves several times.
    As for Zach, not liking former actors of a character returning for a mild appearance, I get it that it’s a over done troupe, but it’s cool nostalgia. Not everyone will get it, by those selective few will enjoy that moment seeing that actor again in that suit one time.

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