#147 – James Gunn’s New DCU: Digging Into the Slate

DC Studios and Warner Bros. decided to make a change to their cinematic universe as James Gunn (Finally!) announced some of the upcoming slate of movies, shows, and animation that will comprise the first chapter of James Gunn’s new DCU. Join the panel as they discuss and speculate what it all means and what we should be getting out of DC’s Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters.


Zack Slater
Frank Melman
Tommy Smithereens (on Twitter)
Clifton (on Twitter)

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Episode Notes James Gunn’s DCU

James Gunn Announces DCU Chapter 01: Gods and Monsters 

Promotional Still for Upcoming Creature Commandos 

First released teaser image for DC Creature Commandos. The first new animated project in James Gunn's New DCU. It shows Rick Flagg Senior, a fish woman, a man who is on fire and you can see his bones, Frankenstien monster, Bride of Frankenstien, G I Robot, who is a rusty robot soldier, and Weasel, who is a half-man half-weasel sort of creature.

Bruce Timm’s unrelated Justice League: Gods and Monsters Direct to Video Movie

DVD box cover for the directed to home video movie Justice Legue: Gods and Monsters. Produced and created by Bruce Timm. Title is the same phrase being used for Chapter One of James Gunn's New DCU.

Excerpt from Creature Commandos segment from Batman: The Brave and the Bold

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